Our Story

Richard, a homeless veteran, was living in a men’s shelter. In a downward spiral, he had no hope. A serendipitous encounter with veteran advocate, Patti Brady (Patriot Springs founder), led to an opportunity for him to stabilize his life and once again realize his dreams.

Richard now lives in the first tiny house and is an integral part of Patriot Springs. After years of focusing on finding shelter and food, he feels that he has been given the chance to contribute back to society; “once you are down, climbing back up is hard.” Hear more about Richard’s House.

Patti and Richard by his new Tiny House (approximately 200 sq. ft.)

Patriot Springs is supported by a diverse group of volunteers, including Richard, committed to providing more than just a house. Our mission is to create a safe, peaceful, and healthy community, restoring hope and faith.

Original Tiny House Design

Thanks to the generosity of corporate and private donations, our team has designed a phased plan that includes the development of 48 cottages to bring veterans off the streets. With no time limitations on how long a veteran may reside in the residence, we aim to provide homes, healing, and hope to those who have served their country.

Potential Site Plan near Charlotte Hall, MD

A main objective of Patriot Springs is to locate the community near other veteran services. Plans are to be located in Charlotte Hall , MD; the veterans of Patriot Springs will find a community and nearby services to support their needs and lives.